Your Career as a Penetration Tester

It sounds too amazing when you’re being paid for the hacking of security systems by the administrator themselves, isn’t it? Basically, this is what the penetration testers or penetrator do. Penetration testers are hired to hack a system in order to find out the vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing is a testing into the security systems of the computers which is primarily carried out to detect the endangered malwares that can destroy the information on your computer or find any of other weaknesses that could be used by the hackers or cyber-criminals to harm your personal as well as professional data.

Penetration test testifies whether the security systems already applied into the computers are secured enough or not. It tells us if the existing defensive measures are strong enough to prevent any security breaches. The defaults detected in the computer security system can be due to:

  1. Poor configuration system.
  2. Human errors.
  3. Flaws in hardware and software designs.
  4. Lack of training.
  5. Poor management.

Why Penetration Testing?

With the rise in the cyber-crimes and attacks taking places these days, it has almost become next to impossible not to hire a penetration testers, in fact, penetration testing is required to be performed at regular intervals to detect the flaws and malwares in the security systems. This helps in securing data by fixing the loopholes in the system, if any.

Pentesters are highly magnificent decoders as well as are enriched with the expertise to look out for the security flaws, to the aid of which a hacker can easily gain access to the security system. To prevent such hacking, penetrators usually desire to test the operating system services, network processes, hardware and software designs, and user behavior.

For this, pentesters bring into use various penetesting technique:

  1. Manual penetration test.
  2. Automated penetration test.
  3. Combination of both manual and automated process.

The last technique is more common to detect all kinds of flaws and defects.

Apart from these, penetration testing tools can also be used which scan the code to check if there is any sort of malicious code that can resultantly lead to a security violation. These tools help in verifying the security loopholes by cross-checking data encryption techniques.

With the purpose to keep a check on the surge of cyber-crimes, demand for the pentesters is increasing at a steady rate. Security firms are more in need to contract these pentesters in order to detect the security flaws and to keep the information secured. The field of pentesting requires high skills and attentiveness and to acquire these qualities, one must pursue an online degree in cyber-security from Maryville or general or naked.