Home Remedies For Cold And Cough In Marathi

Strain the saffron and feed it before your child sleep to treat cold and cough.

9 Home Remedies For Cold And Cough Cold Home Remedies Health Food Spicy Ingredients

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Home remedies for cold and cough in marathi. Dry roasted turmeric rub. It can be combined with pepper dry ginger and lemon juice for excellent results.

Give 12 teaspoon to babies of 7 months and above. 1 रवयच शर बनवत असल तर जड रव घयव जयन पचनत तरस हत नह. 2 गवहचय पठच शर बनवत असल तर जड पठ घयव यन शर कढईल चकटणर नह आण सवद व पचन.

Remedies for cold and cough in babies. Salt and lemon both are good for sore throat and lung discomfort. Best Home Remedies for Common Cold and Cough Lemon cinnamon and honey Prepare a syrup of lemon honey and cinnamon to prevent a common cold.

Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and honey to this and add two tablespoons of water to make a syrup. Give two tablespoons of the following mixture to get relief from cough. For small babies of 3 to 6 months age you can heat tulsi leaves in oil and then give the massage with it.

Apart from those remedies you can also include these simple remedies to counter cold cough and congestion.

It is effective against cold and cough in babies. Turmeric is rich in curcumin and volatile oils that have a protective as well as therapeutic action in persons suffering from cough and cold. Ingredients serving for 1 person.

Put some honey in a pan fill it to half and use a double boiler until it is thin. Saffron milk is a great home remedy to help kids get rid of cold and cough.

1 small glass of water. Home Remedies for Cough In Marathi खकल झलय.

Add a few strands of saffron to a cup of boiled milk before letting it cool. Vitamin C Having a vitamin C rich diet and supplements helps boost immunity and provide relief from upper respiratory tract infections. Pineapple Juice This one is yet another uncommon home remedy.

Diy indian remedy for cold and cough. Mix ¼ teaspoon of crushed or grated ginger with the same quantity of cayenne pepper.

Using a humidifier can help ease your childs symptoms by adding moisture to the air. Then add a pinch of cinnamon and add lemon. Ginger is a well-known spice having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities and boost up the immunity and treats dry cough throat infection and cold.

Add a pinch of powdered pepper to a spoon of honey and feed the baby at regular intervals. Treat your cold and cough with turmeric. A sacred plant in Indian culture Tulsi can be found in almost every Indian home.

Honey is an excellent remedy to fight off germs that spread colds and cough. Soumya BhatAyurvedic doctor inhaling the smoke of burning turmeric called the dhooma paan is also considered to be an effective remedy for cough and cold.

Let the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger seep into the hot water. Cool air humidifiers are recommended for children for safety reasons and are considered as effective as warm air humidifiers. This is good for both cold and cough.

Humidifiers help loosen mucus which can alleviate coughs and congestion. Steam the panikoorka leaves and extract its juice. Its as simple as cutting up the ginger into slices and putting them in hot water.

Ginger is mainly known to soothe the inflamed membranes in the throat. Home Remedies For Cough In Marathi.

Home remedies for cough in Marathi खकलयच खप तरस हतय तर ह कर उपय – Divya Marathi. Add one tablespoon honey in half a cup of warm pineapple juice. July 31 2019 0237 PM.

Have this syrup to fight a cold. Time and again ginger tea has come to our rescue as one of the best home remedies for cold and cough.

Cough and Cold Remedy-2. Tulsi has antiviral antibacterial and antibiotic properties that can help to cure cold and cough. Its an effective home remedy to relieve cold.

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