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The water in the stream is rather clear with almost neutral pH 71-75. They can reach the size of 7-8 Cm.

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Mouthbrooding bettas for sale. 7 cm 3 inches Environment. Female Betta Male Betta Plakat Halfmoon Crowntail Giant Betta Koi Betta Dumbo Ear Nemo Betta Dragon Betta. We even carry variants of Splendens type along with beautiful Hybrid Copper Blue Gray and Green Alien Bettas.

I have reported the the. On closer examination my mouthbrooding Bettas had disappeared – stolen. I am really.

In nature if a betta gives birth in a fast moving stream or lake they will keep the brood in their mouth since the bubble nest would easily be destroyed by water movement. 1 Source for Wild Betta Fish for sale in the United States. Panchax pictum Valenciennes in Cuvier.

Alien Regular price 35 Betta Imbellis Regular price 30. From ikan betah the vernacular Malay for species of this genus. I put so much into collecting these fish and they are all gone along with my Apistos.

I have a 20 gallon long I recently purchased. From Betta Imbellis Smaragdina and Mahachai to harder to find Betta Hendra Api Api Channoides Unimaculata and more. 126 Pracha Uthit Rd Bang Mod Thung Khru Bangkok Thailand 10140.

They function the same in your aquarium whether they are whole or broken up. Koi Galaxy Halfmoon Female Betta ID501-F206 FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING 2999 USD 2499 USD. Jump to Latest Follow 1 – 10 of 10 Posts.

It is recommended to use 2-3 small leaves per 10 gallons to start. Betta pugnax is another large mouth brooding betta from Thailand. Bettas that build air-bubble nests on the bottom side of the surface of water do so when water conditions are not rapid.

The Wildest Collection of Wild Bettas in One Click. Joined Jun 16 2009 796 Posts. Betta trifasciata Bleeker 1849.

High quality MaleFemaleWild bettas including crown tail koi halfmoon galaxy plakat and giant bettas. Betta simplex Simple Mouthbrooder is best kept alone or with other small peaceful fishes. From the Latin pictus meaning decorated.

Betta Macrostoma Pair Regular price 180 Betta Mahachaiensis. When you order these leaves they will come with 20x of the selected leaf. Temperature 22-26ÂșC 72.

Monday – Friday 0830 am – 1630 pm. These leaves are roughly 6. Fighting Black Betta 40 – 50 cm 16-2 10pcs 6498 3249.

Betta Macrostoma FactsSize35 to 45 inchesLifespan3 years to 10 yearsCareExpertTank Size for 220 GallonsTank Size for 4 40 GallonspH44 to 7 Water is Not C. A warning I got home this evening and went to say hello to my fish and thought they were all hiding away from me. Tiger endlers livebearer 5 pr platinum guppy 5 pr.

I have many bettas for sale male lf 10 lf female betta 750 crown 15 half moon dt 15 super red plakat 25 small angels silver gold marble marble 6 525 double black large angels 20 or 460 neon dwarf rainbows 10 325. I have been wanting a pair or two of mouthbrooding bettas for awhile and I am making a trip to the fish store where they have unsexed Blue Damsel Betta. I had planned on getting 4 hoping for at least one pair.

Show quality Betta fish for sale. Pugnax can be found in the high land stream in Southern Thailand all the way down to the island of Singapore. Betta pugnax Cantor 1850.

Some breakup during shipping is expected. The bed is reported to be gravel and the betta can be found in the dense. Freshwater Fish Plants For Sale Swap and Wanted.

Betta picta VALENCIENNES 1846 Spotted Betta SynonymsTop. Mouthbrooding bettas for sale. I am not necessarily trying to.

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